Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings

egyptian protection symbols
Egypt horizontal vector illustration with ancient Egyptian deities and border pattern composed of occult symbols – Egyptian Symbols Of Protection

Egyptian Symbols Of Protection – The Majestic of Egyptian protection symbols 

Life in ancient Egypt was a fusion between the spiritual and the physical aspects of their culture in the form of artistic architecture, symbols, amulets, and many objects that were used to bring good fortune and protection.

These Symbols played a vital role in passing the culture from one generation to another, as they were written on temple walls and obelisks and used in magical and religious rituals for both the living and the dead.

They were depicted in the form of hieroglyphs and treated as “The Words of Gods” used to document the most important events in ancient Egyptian History, their spiritual beliefs, and culture in ancient times.

An infographic featuring seven powerful symbols of protection in ancient Egyptian history: Ankh, Eye of Ra, Lotus, Scarab, Eye of Horus, Djed, and Shen Ring. Each symbol represents a unique aspect of safeguarding and spiritual fortitude in ancient Egyptian culture.
An infographic featuring seven powerful symbols of protection in ancient Egyptian history: Ankh, Eye of Ra, Lotus, Scarab, Eye of Horus, Djed, and Shen Ring. Each symbol represents a unique aspect of safeguarding and spiritual fortitude in ancient Egyptian culture.

Some of the Famous Egyptian Symbols Of Protection / ancient egypt symbols of power/Egyptian symbols are:

  1. The Ankh
  2. The Djed
  3. The Was Scepter 
  4. The Scarab
  5. The Tjet
  6. The Lotus 
  7. The Shen
  8. Wadjet The Eye of Horus
  9. Eye Of Ra
  10. Hekha and Nekhakha
  11. Ouroboros 
  12. Cartouche
  13. Uraeus symbol
  14. KA symbol
  15. BA symbol
  16. Canopic jars of Ancient Egypt
  17. Egyptian winged sun
  18. Amenta
  19. Feather Of Maat
  20. Deshret Crown
  21. Hedjet Crown
  22. Pschent Crown
  23. Tree of Life symbol
  24. Seba
  25. Ajet
  26. Menat
  27. Egyptian Sistrum
  28. Nemyss Egyptian symbol
  29. Obelisk Egyptian symbol

We will begin exploring some of the most amazing ancient Egyptian symbols of protection:

The Ankh

One of the most famous and used symbols of ancient Egypt and the world. It’s a cross with a looped top in a key- like a shape, which represents eternal life, the morning sun, purifying, the life-giving power of water, clairvoyance, and the union of opposites like earth and heaven and male and female (Isis and Osiris).

Ankh- Egyptian protection symbols
The Ankh

The symbol is associated with “The Knot of the Goddess Isis” and her powerful cult (c. 3150 – c. 2613 BCE). It’s also known as crux ansata by Coptic Christians which represents life and immortality.

That symbol appears in paintings, on temple walls, and in tombs as it was the key to existence, and used as an amulet to provide divine protection.

The Djed

Known as “The Backbone of Osiris”, It represents strength and stability and is linked to the Osiris god of the underworld and Ptah god of creation which makes it a symbol for resurrection and eternal life.

Ancient Egyptian believed the Djed pillar was the combination of four pillars that held the four corners of the earth.

It was also used as a fertility pole raised during festivals which emphasized balance in life and hope in the afterlife, provided by the great gods of Ancient Egypt.

A Djed column is often on the bottom of coffins where the backbone of the deceased would lay in order for the soul to stand up and walk into the afterlife.

Djed - Egyptian protection symbols
Djed – Egyptian protection symbols

The Was Scepter 

It was a symbol of power and dominion of the god and king in ancient Egyptian history and culture. The staff is topped with the head of a canine. It was developed in the time of the king Djet (c. 3000 – 2990 BCE) of the first dynasty.

Each god had his own was specter-like Hathor, Isis, Ra, and many others.

Was- Egyptian protection symbols

The god Ptah was able to combine the Anka, Djed and the Was into his scepter, that was the only thing that fit his holiness, it is known as the “Sculptor of the Earth” which presented the absolute meaning of completeness and totality.

The Scarab – an Egyptian symbol of protection

The Scarab – 	
Egyptian symbols protection
The Scarab –
Egyptian symbols protection

One of the most well-known symbols of ancient Egypt during the first intermediate period (2181-2040 BCE) until the rise of Christianity.

This symbol is seen in Egyptian art and iconography which is a species of the dung beetle. It rolled the dung into a ball and laid its eggs in it and the dung served as food for the young when they hatched.

Ancient Egyptians saw life coming from nothing which represented transformation, the recreation of life and resurrection. The scarab was identified with the God Khepri who was more like Ra assistant, that roll the ball of the sun across the sky.

The Tjet

The Tjte – Ancient Egyptian Symbol

Also known as Tiet/Tyet, known as the knot of Isis or the blood of Isis, that looks a lot like the Anka symbol except for its arms curved down.

It was used as a funerary amulet made of a red stone or glass and was associated with many goddesses as well as Isis.

It symbolizes the ideas of eternal life and resurrection. It is often paired with the Ankh offering the protection and security of both Isis and Osiris.

Lotus Symbol 

Ancient Egyptian Symbol Lotus
Ancient Egyptian Symbol Lotus 

The lotus symbol is considered to be a true icon in Egyptian mythology and ancient Egyptian art. The lotus flower a.k.a“Water lily” closes at night, sinks underwater then wakes up in the morning, that’s why it became a symbol of the sun, creation, and regeneration.

The Lotus has associated with Atum-Ra the sun god as a giant lotus emerged from the primordial waters of Nun and from which the sun-god appeared, and the cult of Osiris as the symbol was related to funeral imagery and with the deceased entering the underworld which symbolizes reincarnation.

The symbol was commonly used in the art to represent Upper Egypt. It was found in honored places all over Egypt, on the architecture of the capital tops of Egyptian pillars representing the tree of life, in the tombs, in Hieroglyphics, written in papyrus, found on thrones and the headdresses of the divine pharaohs.

The Shen 

The Shen – Ancient Egyptian Symbol
The Shen – Egyptian Symbols Of Protection

A circle of rope that has no beginning and no end, in order to form an unbroken bond which symbolizes infinity, completeness, eternity and protection which made its symbol extremely popular and well – presented.

The word “Shen” comes from the Ancient Egyptian word which means “encircle”, everyone including kings wore the amulet of Shen.

Many deities like Horus and Isis are seen holding the Shen which made the ancient Egyptians honor the Shen as a symbol of symmetry and perfection.

Wadjet (The Eye of Horus) – Egyptian Symbol for the GodGod of protection Egypt

Wadjet The Eye of Horus – Ancient Egyptian Symbol
Wadjet The Eye of Horus – Egyptian Symbols Of Protection

Also Known as (Uto, Udjat, Wedjat) the Eye of Horus represents healing, protection, good health, and royal power, it’s the most famous of ancient Egyptian symbols.  The left eye belonged to the sky god Horus who gave it away to save his father Osiris.

This symbol is extremely famous and powerful at that time as it had healing powers and was used as a medical tool to measure the ingredients while making the medicine.

The eye represents the moon and is considered a symbol of sacrifice. His right eye is known as the eye of Ra the sun god, and prevents negative energy.

Eye Of Ra

Eye Of Ra
 Eye Of Ra

There are different myths about the origin of the Eye of Ra symbol. still, utmost experts believe that the symbol was actually the right eye of Horus and came known as the Eye of Ra in ancient times. The two symbols substantially represented the same conceptions. That said, according to different myths, the Eye of Ra symbol was linked as the instantiation of numerous goddesses in Egyptian tradition, similar as Wadjet, Hathor, Mut, Sekhmet, and Bastet.

Ra or also known as Re is the sun god in Egyptian mythology. thus, the Eye of Ra symbolizes the sun.

Hekha and Nekhakha 

Hekha and Nekhakha - Egyptian protection symbols
Hekha and Nekhakha – Egyptian Symbols Of Protection

The Crook and the Flail were considered a symbol of the state’s power (ancient Egyptian symbols of power) and the king’s absolute might and control over his subjects.

The word “Heka” is an epithet of Osiris which means “to rule” and is considered a symbol of royal power and dominion.


Ouroboros - Egyptian protection symbols
Egypt symbols set in cartoon style with ancient egyptian deities pyramid ankh Tutankhamon Nefertiti eye of Horus signs vector illustration – Egyptian Symbols Of Protection 

One of the symbols of the sun, it represents the travels of Aton, one of the aspects of the sun god. Its represent rebirth, perpetuity, and recreation.

The symbol was created when Atum out of the dark waters in the form of a serpent renewing itself every morning. It is known as an infinity symbol, it’s used in many different cultures like in Greek and Norse mythology.


A cartouche is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic nameplate The cartouche has an egregious link and symbolism to the sun the cartouche Symbolizes protection against evil spirits both in this life and the afterlife, The symbol, which had the shape of a circle firstly also shaped like a round with a horizontal bar, was occasionally used as a cartouche. This kind of use aimed to represent godly protection also the cartouche is nearly linked in appearance to the ouroboros serpent stinking its own tail.

Cartouche - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT

Uraeus symbol

UraeusThe Greek word is a significant symbol associated with the Gods, Goddesses, and Pharaohs of ancient Egypt Discover the history, mythology, and beliefs girding the ‘ Uraeus ’ the parenting cobra symbol of Ancient Egypt The cobra represents the goddess Wadjet, a veritably ancient goddess who’s associated with majesty.

The Uraeus cobra symbol was an obsession, an object that was believed to embody magical powers and offer enchanted protection According to legend, the Cobra was given to the pharaohs as a sign of kingship by the God Geb.

170px PiezaDeMuebleUreoDeOro 46200695181 - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Uraeus symbol – Egyptian Symbols

KA symbol

It represents the process of event of life It also represented the life force or spiritual power that lived within the body of a person and survived death Ka( consort) or the ghost, a material spirit born with man, has been made of light material isn’t seen, similar air, and be in the form of its proprietor, any image exactly identical to him. The consort of the child was a child, and the old man of the old man, After his death, Ka joined the body until Ba returned, and Ka and Ba united to help the dead person to come back to life again.

That’s why they tried to mummify the body to live ever, and the Ka set up an eternal place for his
ka, ” was associated with the place where the body was placed in the burial chamber in the cemetery and was left only through the false door to enter the sanctum.

the ancients made the statues and put them in the tombs to replace the “ Ka ” rather than the body if stolen or cultural, and further than making these statues because the further they make sure their eternal eternity.
In hieroglyphs, ka is represented with arms stretched up or forward.

220px Ka Statue of horawibra - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
KA symbol – Egyptian Symbols

BA symbol

BA It’s the heavenly spirit and human personality in the spirit world because it’s always conceived in the shape of a bird with a human head carrying the features of the departed person as if it were a reference to his personality and spirit where she leaves the body after death to the sky where she lives in the stars, and also return to visit the body between Anne and another.
Ba appeared in numerous Egyptian eulogies tombs and temples and papyrus hovering around the tomb of the owner where the body lies motionless as if there’s a retired force to return constantly to see her body, which has been attached to her throughout her life on the earth.

ffa350c29d92fe48a1d3d780818dae28 - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
BA symbol- Egyptian Symbols

Canopic jars of Ancient Egypt

The canopic jars were the holders used to hold the internal organs because The ancient Egyptians believed that when a person passed away they would return again to the afterlife The ancient Egyptians believed that they would need all internal organs after death in the afterlife ’ Canopic jars were created to contain all of the organs so that upon entering the afterlife.

  • I msety a man with a head to save the liver.
  • Duamatef with a jackal head to save the stomach.
  • Happy with the head of the baboon to save the lungs.
  • Qebehsenuf with the head of a falcon to save the bowel.

Canopic jars
Canopic jars – Egyptian Symbols

Egyptian winged sun

The winged sun is a symbol of ancient Egypt but is also used in other ancient cultures. This symbol was also known as Behdety as it was used in the temples to represent the god Behedti, the god of the midday sun.

This symbol was used as an amulet to give protection to the Egyptians who wore it. In some cases, it has also been described as a trait of other Egyptian gods.

winged sun uraeus royal cartridges ramesses iii 14317546 - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Winged sun with uraeus and royal cartridges of Ramses III. Temple of Ramesses III. Twentieth dynasty. The New Kingdom. Medinet Habu. West Thebes. Egypt – – Egyptian Symbols


The symbol of Amenta in ancient Egyptian culture represents the land of the dead( the fleshly world). Amenta was firstly used as the symbol of the horizon where the sunset. Over time, it was used to represent the western bank of the Nile, which was also the place where the Egyptians tombed their dead. So it’s believed that this is the reason why amenta came to the symbol of the Underworld over time.

AMENTA - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Amenta – Egyptian Symbols

Feather Of Maat

Maat’s feather is one of the most common Egyptian symbols used in hieroglyphics. The goddess Maat defined justice in Egyptian culture and the Ma’at feather can be seen in the context of “ assuring justice ” in ancient eulogies.

This is because the ancient Egyptians believed that one’s heart would be weighed against the Maat Feather in the Hall of Two trueness when one’s soul entered Duat. If his heart was set up equal or lighter than this it would mean that he was a righteous person and he’d go to Aaru( paradise ruled by Osiris). still, also his heart would be eaten by Ammit, the goddess who ate the soul and he’d be cursed to remain in the Underworld forever, If not.

Maat - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Feather Of Maat – Egyptian Symbols

Deshret Crown

Deshret, also known as the Red Crown of Egypt, is the symbol that represents Lower Egypt, the lands of the goddess Wadjet. It’s also used as the symbol of Kemet, the rich lands within the home of Seth.

194302efbb2ebf8950978c0d26b2c067 - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Deshret Crown – Egyptian Symbols

Hedjet Crown

Hedjet the White Crown was one of the two crowns of Egypt representing the kingdom of Upper Egypt. It was conjoined with the Red Crown of Lower Egypt, Deshret to form the Pschent, Double Crown of Egypt when the country was united.

white crown - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Hedjet Crown – Egyptian Symbols

Pschent Crown

Pschent was the Double Crown of Egypt crafted of the Red and White Crown, Deshret and Hedjet representing Lower and Upper Egypt, independently. It represented the unity of Egypt and the complete control of the Pharaoh over all of Egypt.

Pschent double crown ancient Egypt - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Pschent Crown – Egyptian Symbols

Tree of Life symbol

Linked to the presence of water, the Tree of Life was a strong symbol and icon of ancient Egypt and legends.
According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the legendary Tree of Life handed eternal life and knowledge of the cycles of time.

It was the symbol of life among the Egyptians, especially the palm and the sycamore tree, where the ultimate was of major significance because two specimens were presumed to grow at the portals of heaven, where Ra was daily.

The Tree of Life was located in the Temple of the Sun of Ra in Heliopolis.
The sacred tree of life first appeared when Ra, the sun god, first appeared at Heliopolis.

tumblr ok053gaTev1u1s76bo1 500 - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Tree of Life symbol – Egyptian Symbols


This symbol was used in Egyptian art to represent the stars. The Egyptians had a good knowledge of the stars and the constellations. They frequently used this symbol to embellish the temples and the innards of the tombs.
The Egyptians believed that the stars also inhabited the Duat, the Duat is the underworld or the realm of the dead, and that they descended there every night to accompany the Sun. The symbol of a star inside a circle was a way of representing the underworld.

images - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Seba – Egyptian Symbols


Ajet is an Egyptian hieroglyph, which meant a representation of the Horizon and the Sun above it, its diurnal birth and setting. therefore embodying the idea of sunrise and sunset. The circle in the center represents the Sun and the shapes set up at the base would be the symbol of the Djew or mountains.

In ancient Egypt, it was the place where the sun rises and sets; it’s frequently restated as “ horizon ” or “ mountain of light ”. It’s generally set up with the symbol of Ajet, guarded by the god Aker, the god of the underworld, composed of two lions that turned their tails on him, these lions represented the history and moment, and the eastern and western midairs of the Egyptian underworld. The symbol Ajet was also companied with the generalities of creation and revitalization.

dd654e52d2871e31cf53e6ab66c041f8 - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Ajet – Egyptian Symbols


The Menat was an Egyptian collar with a characteristic shape and a corrective to keep it in the right position. This collar was associated with the goddess Hathor and her son. According to Egyptian mythology, it was the amulet from which the goddess Hathor uttered her power. In numerous of her representations, it can be interpreted as a symbol of fertility, birth, life, and renewal.

menat egyptian symbol - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Menat- Egyptian Symbols

Egyptian Sistrum

The sistrum was an ancient Egyptian instrument used in rituals to worship the goddesses Hathor, Isis, and Bastet. This instrument had an analogous shape to the Ankh symbol and comported of a handle and a series of metal pieces that produced a characteristic sound when shaken.

The goddesses Isis and Bastet were frequently represented holding one of these instruments. The Egyptians used this symbol to represent scenes related to dance and festivity. There’s similarly a hieroglyph in the shape of the sistrum

egyptian wall painting woman holding a sistrum walters 329 - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Egyptian Sistrum – Egyptian Symbols

Nemyss Egyptian symbol

Nemyss is the Egyptian ritual headpiece of the pharaohs. It’s best known for the popular images of King Tutankhamen’s box. The nemyss is a folded linen cloth that rises from the forepart and hangs down towards the shoulders. The nemyss is still extensively used by Kemetic interpreters and by colorful magical orders.

nemes headdress symbol ancient egyptian - Egyptian Protection Symbols: Accurate Ancient Powers and Meanings - EZ TOUR EGYPT
Nemyss Egyptian symbol

Obelisk Egyptian symbol

The obelisk is, together with the pyramids, one of the most notorious Egyptian symbols of ancient Egypt.
The obelisk is an architectural element that takes on a slender, abbreviated pyramid shape, surmounted by a pyramid-shaped tip. generally, the obelisks were made from a single block of stone.

in ancient Egypt, obelisks were erected at the will of Pharaoh with the intention of invoking the protection of the Sun God Ra. generally, the obelisks were placed at the entry of the temples, as they weren’t only the symbol to celebrate the divinity, but they were also accommodation for the god himself, who was believed to be present outside.
Stone has an abecedarian emblematic significance that’s connected to the “ energies of the earth ”, an expression of the active and fecundating principle that penetrates and radiates the unresistant and fecundated element.

As a solar symbol, the obelisk has strong masculine characterization, and in fact, it’s no coexistence that its high and imperious shape obviously recalls the phallic element. The alternation of the sun and the seasons caused the overflowing of the Nile River in ancient Egypt, which left a largely fertilizing ground on the thirsty sand, dark in color, which made the land rich and cultivable, therefore ensuring the life and survival of the community. This black land, which in ancient Egypt was called Kemet, gave its name to the deep discipline of Alchemy, which symbolically resumes its principle.

The obelisks also represented a symbol of power, as they had to remind the subjects of the actuality of a link between the pharaoh and the divinity.

Obelisk - Egyptian Symbols
Obelisk – Egyptian Symbols

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