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Why book with EZ TOUR EGYPT ?

There are many reasons to book your trip through EZ TOUR EGYPT. We are unique in the fact that we will customize your holiday to meet your needs. Having vast experience of the various Nile cruises available, single, couples and groups catered for, all tailored to suit your needs in Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, and the Red Sea Riviera. Each member of our team is experienced, qualified and knowledgeable in their field, providing you with accurate information on Egypt’s magnificent history and achievements that have captured the imagination of the world ever since.

How can I contact EZ TOUR EGYPT to book a tour?

EZ TOUR EGYPT is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive your booking inquiries via email, telephone, or live online chat. You can also submit a booking request form describing the trip you want to take, its length, and any other details you can provide and you will receive a reply promptly with a proposal from our representatives. -Our phone number, email, and a link to our chat service can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

How much will I have to pay as a deposit? How will I pay it?

The deposit required will be 25% of the total price of the tour, except during peak travel times around Christmas and New Years, then the deposit will be 50% of the total price. You can pay the deposit Online by credit card Or PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer is accepted. Our representatives will be willing to provide any additional information or support you need to complete this payment. – If payment of the deposit in one transaction is not possible, please contact EZ TOUR EGYPT to enquire about the possibility of making the payment in installments.

If I am forced to cancel my trip will I receive a refund?

Refund policy is detailed in our Terms and Conditions. The amount refunded depends on how far in advance we are notified about the cancellation. Cancellation: Cancellation requests should be emailed to provide us with written confirmation that your reservation should be cancelled. In case you cancel your trip, the following scale of charges will be applied: – Between 29 and 15 days before your arrival date 50% of the entire tour price will be charged. – Between 14 and 7 days before your arrival date 75% of the entire tour price will be charged. – Between 7 and 1 days before your arrival date 100% of the entire tour price will be charged. Additionally, there are cancellation fees on all domestic flights within Egypt. If you cancel a tour at any time, you will be subject to any fees according to airline’s cancellation policy. Refunds: A refund will normally be made to the same account and using the same method used for the original payment. No refunds are possible in the event of a no show for an existing reservation. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

Is there any surcharge using a debit or credit card when paying on arrival?

3 % additional fees will be add to the tour price when using a debit or credit card on arrival . We accept Visa and Mastercard.

What do I need to do to book a tour and confirm my reservation?

Booking a tour is simple. All you need to do is contact our representatives via one of the methods listed above in question 3. You will receive a prompt response outlining the options available to you and then you can build a tour that will suit your needs in terms of budget, a number of days, and points of interest with the help of one of our travel consultants. Once a plan has been decided, EZ TOUR EGYPT will send you a detailed itinerary that includes all necessary information and plans for your trip. At this point, you will have to confirm your reservation with the payment of a deposit. Your reservation will not be confirmed until payment of this deposit is received by EZ TOUR EGYPT. The balance of payment will be due on arrival to begin your tour.



Is Egypt safe to visit, especially after the political events that took place after the Egyptian Revolution?

Tourists have been visiting Egypt for centuries and Egyptians have well-earned reputation for warmth and kindness toward visitors. Egyptian cities are generally very safe, especially in area where tourists frequent. -Since the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, there has been intermittent unrest and political violence in Egypt, but even the most intense episodes have occurred in a relatively small area of Cairo and other cities. Tourist sites, mostly located far from these areas, have not been affected and there is no negative feeling toward foreign visitors among Egyptians. While Egypt is certainly still dealing with a political transition, it has not significantly affected the experience of tourists in the country.


Is Egypt considered a safe destination in comparison to other countries in the world?

Egypt generally has a very low crime rate. Travelers will be safe in Egypt if they take sensible precautions that would apply to any tourist destination around the world.


Is there any special advice for women travelers while visiting Egypt?

There are many touristic areas in Egypt where special concerns are not necessary; however, in less touristic places, relatively modest dress is recommended. Women should avoid very tight clothing, dressing with relative modesty is a way of respecting the local culture.

Smile and enjoy Egypt. take a long walk around and have fun.

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