Giza Necropolis / Pyramids of Giza -The Secrets Of The Pharaohs Revealed

The Giza Pyramids have come nearly synonymous with Egypt herself. Their unbelievable size continues to influence millions of Travelers each time, as they struggle to comprehend how three kings, Khafre, Khufu, and Menkaure, could have constructed such huge structures so long ago.

beautiful girl pausing in front of the pyramids of Giza - EZ TOUR EGYPT - Cairo and Nile Cruise by Flight - All in powerful 7 Days Trip
beautiful girl pausing in front of the pyramids of Giza – EZ TOUR EGYPT

Why Were The Pyramids Of Giza/Giza Necropolis Built?

The Giza Pyramids, constructed to endure an eternity, have done just that. The monumental tombs are remains of Egypt’s Old Kingdom era and were constructed some,500 years ago.

Egypt’s pharaohs anticipated becoming gods in the afterlife. To prepare for the following world they erected temples to the gods and massive pyramid tombs for themselves — filled with all the belongings each monarch would need to conduct and sustain himself in the following world.
Pharaoh Khufu began the first Giza pyramid project, circa 2550B.C. His Great Pyramid is the largest in Giza and towers some 481 feet( 147 meters) above the tableland. It evaluated 2.3 million stone blocks each weighing an average of2.5 to 15 tons.

Khufu’s son, Pharaoh Khafre, constructed the second pyramid at Giza, circa 2520B.C. His necropolis also included the Sphinx, a mysterious limestone monument with the body of a lion and a pharaoh’s head. The Sphinx may stand as the guardian for the pharaoh’s entire tomb complex.
The third of the Giza Pyramids is vastly smaller than the first two. constructed by Pharaoh Menkaure circa 2490B.C., it featured a much more complex mortuary temple.

Each massive pyramid is but one part of a larger complex, including a palace, temples, solar boat recesses, and other features.

Giza Necropolis
Giza Necropolis

Who Built The Pyramids Of Giza/Giza Necropolis?

For a long time popular beliefs spread that enslaved people built the Giza Necropolis, written by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, a misrepresentation of the biblical book of exodus, and Hollywood films have all contributed to this idea, but in reality, most archeologists and historian today come to the conclusion that paid labors Not enslaved people built the Giza Necropolis.

Deceased builders were buried in a place of honor tombs that are close to the pyramids themself furnished with supplies for the afterlife, It’s very unlikely that enslaved workers will easier be buried in close proximity to The Pharaohs or be prepared for burial with such care, archeologists have also discovered the remains of communities on the Giza plateau where large gathering style buildings are thoughts to be served as a prefix for rotating groups of builders

so in conclusion No, enslaved people didn’t build the Pyramids of Giza.

Tombs of The Pyramids workers
Tombs of The Pyramids workers

What’s Inside the Great Pyramids of Giza / Giza Necropolis?

The pyramids of Giza are substantially solid masses of stone with veritably little to be initiated inside. Like numerous ancient Egyptian pyramids, those of Khafre and Menkaure have corridors at their base that lead to small underground burial chambers underneath each pyramid. Khufu’s pyramid also has underground tunnels, but the burial chamber is located in the center of the structure, accessible via a climb up a tight innards corridor.

Contrary to what one might anticipate, there are no hieroglyphic textbooks, treasures, or mummies in any of the pyramids of Giza. The decoration inside pyramids began several centuries after those of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure were constructed. also, any treasure would have been looted in ancient and medieval times — a fate that probably affected the bodies of the kings, which have never been found.

What’s Inside the Great Pyramids of Giza / Giza Necropolis?
Tomb stairway

What’s Inside the Great Pyramid – Pyramid of Khufu?

The internal structure consists of three main chambers( the King’s-, Queen’s- and subsurface Chamber), the Grand Gallery, and various corridors and shafts.

There are two entrances into the pyramid, the original and a forced passage, which meet at a junction. From there, one passage descends into the Subterranean Chamber, the other ascends to the Grand Gallery. From the morning of the gallery, three paths can be taken a vertical shaft that leads down, past a cavern, to meet the descending passage,a horizontal corridor leading to the Queen’s Chamber and the path up the gallery itself to the King’s Chamber that contains the box.
Both the King’s and Queen’s chambers have a brace of small” air- shafts”. Above the King’s chamber are a series of five Relieving Chambers.

Grand Gallery Great Pyramid.jpg.optimal - Giza Necropolis / Pyramids of Giza -The Secrets Of The Pharaohs Revealed - EZ TOUR EGYPT

What’s Inside the Pyramid of Khafre?

Inside, the pyramid of Khafre is simpler than the tomb of Cheops. There’s one burial chamber with an area of 14 by 5 meters, where there’s a sarcophagus of a fairly big size, as well as vessels in which the internal organs of the monarch were kept. The grave differs from other conglomerations in two entrances and two coverts to the burial chamber. The presence of another entrance increased the chances that the stealers would access the pyramid, but it couldn’t be done else, since the grave was constructed in two stages.

The main riddle of the Khafre pyramid is the hall located in the center of the lower corridor. It’s clear that this isn’t a burial room or a container for cover, because they’re in the main chamber. Most probably, the treasury was located then. But this hypothesis has no evidence.

 the Pyramid of Khafre
the Pyramid of Khafre

What’s Inside the Pyramid of Menkaure?

From the entrance, also on the north façade, a descending path leads into an unfinished chamber, decorated with a series of sculpted false- door panels, followed by a new corridor that opens onto the funeral chamber, where a basalt sarcophagus was found, this sarcophagus lost at sea with the ship that was transporting him to England.

There’s also another portal connected to the tomb chamber dug into the rock. The ceiling is sculpted out of a huge arbor of determinedness. At the beginning of the 19th century, a wonderfully decorated sarcophagus was found, which was also lost at sea during the attempt to move it to the British Museum in London.
The pyramid is adjoined by three small pyramids fated for queens, two of which, not completed, have step seats analogous to those of the Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara.

At present, the pyramid is devoid of nearly all its covering and we can observe the regular vestments that make up its core. The only thing that remains is the determinedness part, located at the base. On the north side of the structure, the pyramid has an opening supposedly made by man.

During the 20th century, archaeological studies set up objects of interest, especially a basalt box that housed a rustic pall with a mummy inside. The basalt sarcophagus was lost during transport of the Spanish seacoast and there’s an enterprise that it may have belonged to Menkaurehimself.

Inside the Pyramid of Menkaure
Inside the Pyramid of Menkaure


Great Sphinx of Giza, a colossal limestone statue of an upstanding sphinx located in Giza, Egypt, that likely dates from the reign of King Khafre(c. 2575 –c. 2465 BCE) and depicts his face. It’s one of Egypt’s most notorious landmarks and is arguably the best-known illustration of sphinx art.

The Great Sphinx is among the world’s largest sculptures, measuring some 240 feet( 73 meters) long and 66 feet( 20 meters) high. It features a lion’s body and a human head adorned with a royal headgear. The statue was sculpted from a single piece of limestone, and color residue suggests that the entire Great Sphinx was painted. According to some estimates, it would have taken about three years for 100 workers, using stone hammers and copper chisels, to finish the statue.

utmost scholars date the Great Sphinx to the 4th dynasty and fix ownership to Khafre. still, some believe that it was erected by Khafre’s older sibling Redjedef( Djedefre) to commemorate their father, Khufu, whose pyramid at Giza is known as the Great Pyramid. These proponents claim that the face of the Great Sphinx bears further resemblance to Khufu than Khafre and that observation also led to an enterprise that Khufu himself to construct the statue.

The Great Sphinx has greatly deteriorated over the times, and since ancient times — conceivably beginning in the reign of Thutmose IV( 1400 – 1390 BCE) — colorful efforts have been borne to save the statue. Whereas the body has suffered the most corrosion, the face has also been damaged, and its nose is especially missing.

According to some, the damage was caused by Napoleon’s colors, who shot off the nose with a cannon. still, illustrations that date before Napoleon reveal a noseless sphinx. Another theory contends that Muhammad Saʾim al- Dahr, a Sufi Muslim, crippled the statue in the 14th century to protest deification.

Great Sphinx of Giza
Great Sphinx of Giza

Solar Boats Musume

Although they dominate the view, the pyramids aren’t the only place to see in the Giza Necropolis. Like the other pyramid fields in Egypt, the sites were used for less significant burials as well. The tombs of nobles have also been excavated on the location and there’s a Valley Temple, the recessional entrance to the pyramids, associated with each structure.

In addition, you can visit the Solar Boat Museum, to understand how the pharaohs ’ bodies were shipped to this site by boat thousands of years ago.

The solar boats of ancient Egyptians were large ships that were made out of cedar wood. They were used in religious rituals during Pharaonic times. 

chroniclers and archeologists have had long debates about the accurate historical name and the purpose of these boats. still, most probably these boats were manufactured to be used in the funerary rituals of the King and perhaps some of his royal family members.

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