Interesting Facts Abu Simbel Temple To Know 2022

Interesting Facts Abu Simbel Temple To Know 1

Interesting Facts Abu Simbel Temple To Know

1.Abu Simbel Temple is actually two individual temples, both with rock-cut structures, and both built during the reign of King Ramses II in 1200 BC. One temple is dedicated to King Ramses II and the second temple is dedicated to his beloved wife, Queen Nefertari.

2. Many Nile River cruises include views of the temple location, and some may stop so passengers can visit and explore. There is a fee to visit the temples, and cameras are not permitted. Some cruises include the entrance fee for cruise attractions in the price of the cruise while others do not.

3. The Abu Simbel temple does not include a temple for any of the other wives of King Ramses II, only for Queen Nefertari. This is because she was his first and most important wife, and he valued her above all others. devotion like this.

4. A Lake Nasser cruise has a side stop to visit the temples, but this lake posed a threat to the attraction at one point. The lake waters rose because of the High Dam construction, and this risked placing the temples in close contact with the water.

5. In 1964 the two structures of Abu Simbel Temple were cut into many different pieces, and both temples were moved further away from the rising water of Lake Nasser. The structures were moved to a location sixty-five meters above the original spot, and two hundred meters further back from the shoreline.

6. The Nefertari Hotel Abu Simbel is conveniently located very close to the temple site, and is considered the closest one available. Visitors who want to explore the temple structures do not even require a vehicle, because the hotel is within walking distance for almost everyone.

7. The carvings and artwork that decorate both structures of the Abu Simbel Temple are incredible. Hand carved pillars, wall paintings, carvings, statues, and much more delight anyone who sees them. This artwork is thousands of years old, and very delicate. This is one reason why cameras are not allowed, to prevent any accidental damage or fading.

Tours to Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel temple is one of the most historical attractions around the world where many tourists dream of exploring, so if you want to visit this magnificent monument and the other archaeological sites, then you can visit our breathtaking Egypt tour packages or Nile cruise and choose your most suitable journey to Egypt.

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