Resuming Flights in Egypt Despite COVID-19 – Travel to Egypt during Covid 19

Travel to Egypt during Covid 19

The foreign economy of Egypt is largely dependent on the capital gained through tourism. This source of economy is seriously affected since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in every kind of lockdown including travel and tourism around the globe. Egypt could not save itself from the drawbacks of lockdown and it seriously affected the living status of Egyptians.

In March 2020, the economic pressure leads Egypt to revive tourism initially on the domestic level under precautionary measures. As the number of cases is on the decline and pandemic seems to be under control. An announcement has been made by Muhammad Manar who is the Egyptian minister of civil aviation. On June 14, he said that Egypt is going to revive its tourism and the flights from and to Egypt would be allowed since July 1. However, it will not take visitors from countries with a high Corona infected ratio. In order to resuscitate tourism and attract tourists, he also announced the incentive plan that includes reducing service charges for planes, eliminating strictness on Visa and offering discounts to visitors on tickets.

Travel to Egypt during Covid 19

Tourist attractions in Egypt

So, if you are interested in planning a trip to Egypt, it is the perfect time to enjoy cheap holidays in Egypt due to reduced strictness. You might have a query

which places to visit in Egypt at the time of the pandemic outburst. As stated by the Egyptian Government the places along the coast of the Red sea have very few infected people, places to visit in Egypt, therefore, tourists would be safe there. A Hurghada excursion would be a good choice for you as Hurghada is the largest attraction for tourists on the coast of the Red Sea, owning its own airport and residential hotels. Al-Gouna, The Suez Canal, and Marsa’ Alam are the other resorts on the coast of the Red Sea, which own a great charm for tourists.


The attraction of Hurghada tour is its incredible diving. It is just outside the Gulf of Suez, containing reserves of corals is also an attraction for marine life.

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Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish.


At the North of Hurghada lies 12 miles long projection of Al-Gouna which contains its own airstrip. Residencies ranging from three-star to five stars are available for visitors.

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Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna, Egypt

Marsa’ Alam

On the southern part of red-sea lies the Marsa’ Alam, beach diving is the popular feature of it.

Travel to Egypt during Covid 19
Corals in Marsa Alam Egypt in day light, some small fish around

The Suez Canal

One of the achievements of modern technology is the Suez Canal, which lies just at the northern tip of the Red Sea. It is also regarded as the border between Asia and Africa.

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An LNG tanker passing through the Suez Canal Bridge with a pilot boat in the foreground. An LNG carrier is a tank ship designed for transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG).

It is the best time to plan an economical trip to Egypt and visit these enticing places. But, you must keep in mind to properly follow the SOP’s defined by the government to not be a part of COVID-19 pandemic victim or source of spread. Just follow the rule “Be careful, be safe” and then kill the waves.