Valentine’s Day in Egypt

What’s Valentine’s Day Like in Egypt?

A Guide to Valentines Day Ideas in Egypt

Valentine’s Day as we know it is a largely western tradition, the date of which is thought to originate from Lupercalia, an early Pagan fertility festival of Ancient Rome. Fast forward two thousand years and Hallmark Cards produce the first Valentine’s day card in 1931, and it’s been hearts, flowers, and chocolates ever since.

Refreshingly, Valentine’s Day in Egypt is not the multibillion-dollar industry it is in the UK or United States. But that’s not to say it can’t make the perfect Romantic getaway. And whether your idea of romance is five-star luxury pampering or star gazing from an isolated Bedouin camp, Egypt has the potential variety to suit all.

A few ideas for an uber-romantic Valentine’s Day in Egypt:

Five Star Luxury Pampering

Egypt boasts a growing number of luxury five-star hotels in some of the world’s most romantic settings. For example, the InterContinental Semiramis in Cairo gazes upon the River Nile, Tahrir Square and the sprawling mass of life that is Cairo.

The Helnan Palestine set back in the tranquil gardens of a former palace in Alexandria boasts an exclusive Mediterranean bay, and Aswan’s Nubian inspired Movenpick to sit alone on its own private island in the River Nile.

And with Egypt being among the ten countries where five-star treatment costs the least (according to, romance needn’t break the bank.

Felucca around Aswan

Aswan and its surroundings comprise some of the most romantically picturesque scenery anywhere along the River Nile. And there’s no better way to enjoy it than on a private felucca cruise, gazing into each other’s eyes while floating adjacent to palm-fringed banks and ancient sunken temples.

Bedouin Style Out in the desert

Sinai is a Mecca for accessible desert safaris; seeming isolation being just a few hours drive from the resort of Sharm El Sheikh.

Travel to the interior by foot, jeep or camel, enjoy a Bedouin feast by firelight and then recline with your lover beneath a blanket of stars

Romance under Water (diving)

For a more unorthodox valentine’s day in Egypt why not hold hands beneath the waves of the red sea at one of its many superb diving sites.

Easily combined with luxury pampering or desert star gazing; when you’re exploring the coral reef you can stare into each other’s eyes across a candlelit, seafood feast.

Watching Sunrise from a Mountain Top

Each night hundreds of trekkers gather in St Catherine’s to make the pilgrimage to the summit of Mount Sinai. Setting off in darkness, the climb takes about three hours and by 5am its rocky peak is covered with pilgrims awaiting the sunrise.

Take a blanket and hot flask and treat your loved one to a Valentine’s Day in Egypt that like no other.

Hot Air Balloon Luxor

A hot air balloon ride is pretty romantic by any standards, but throw in views of the Rammaseum, The Valley of the Kings and sunrise across the East bank of the Nile and you’re taking it to the next level.

Nile Cruise

Last but by no means least, the classic Nile Cruise presents a multitude of opportunities for genuine romance for consecutive days.

The three-day two-night itinerary typically see luxury cruise boats meander between Aswan and Luxor stopping on route at a number of ancient temples including Edfu and Kom Ombo.

Lounge on deck, explore the ancient monuments and generally do very little with the man or woman of your dreams.

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